Civil litigation is an area of law that encompasses a broad range of lawyers who prepare and prosecute lawsuits in courtrooms involving a dispute over any tort, contract or special proceeding.

We often think of personal injury, real estate litigation, and medical malpractice as these types of cases. While all of the aforementioned areas fall into the category of civil matters, they are many, many more in which a lawsuit is needed to protect the rights of our North Texas clients, either as a plaintiff or as the defendant.

Personal injury

Personal injury law covers a broad array of issues when there has been a physical or emotional injury, or damage to property.

The law of personal injury deals specifically with determining who is responsible or liable for causing said injury or damage, and how much money the responsible party should legally be held out to pay.

Personal injury law can be classified in three broad categories: negligence, intentional torts, and products liability torts.

The Law Office of Bruce Harris has the necessary experience to either defend you if you've been served with a personal injury lawsuit -- or to collect as much money as possible if you have been injured (or your property has been damaged). We will work tirelessly and zealously on your behalf, just as if the case were our own personally.

Real estate litigation

The Law Office of Bruce Harris possesses vast experience in all matters of real estate litigation in Wichita Falls and the entire surrounding North Texas area. Whether you require legal assistance in a matter regarding residential or commercial lease documents, a residental or commercial purchase agreement, a partnership agreement, a condominium plan, or documents relating to the financing of a buildng complex, Mr. Harris would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your options.

We have extensive experience dealing with an enormous variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Bylaws of co-ops and condominiums associations;
  • Commercial real estate leases, including the rights and obligations of commercial tenants as well as landlords;
  • Construction and renovation projects, including disutes arising over construction contracts;
  • Deeds, contracts and other option agreements;
  • General real estate development;
  • Licenses and easements;
  • Mortgages and property foreclosures;
  • Purchases and sales of real estate;
  • Property damage;
  • Property ownership rights in the state of Texas, including the rights of joint owners;
  • Real estate broker agreements and payment of commissions;
  • Title insurance and title challenges, including adverse possession.

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